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from july 28 to aug 19 remind me when it ends!

What is an explorable explanation?

It's our way-too-long phrase for a thing that explains an idea through play. You can say "explorable" for short. Here's some examples of explorables made in 3 weeks or less, to give you an idea of what you can make during #ExplorablesJam! see more examples at!

How can I make an explorable?

For tools, check out the Explorable Tools page!
For tutorials, check out the Explorable Tutorials page!
And if you need to host your explorable somewhere on the internet for free, github pages or are good bets.

Who else is making explorables?

You can come hang out on the r/Explorables subreddit during the jam! (or for that matter, before and after the jam) Show off what you're working on, give & get feedback, discuss ideas, do... whatever it is a "community" does?

How can I submit my explorable to this jam?

Just send us the URL + name + short description of your creation through this form, and at the end of the jam, we'll update this page with links to all submissions!
Our hashtag is #ExplorablesJam. Tweet that puppy out!

P.S: tips on creating explorables

"Make everything bouncy" ~ nicky case
"Your scope is too big" ~ chris walker
"Start by sketching with pen + paper" ~ matthew conlen
"Use hsl for colors; it's easier to pick decent colors than with rgb" ~ amit patel
"Use simpler words" ~ pontus granström
"Start with almost nothing, then keep making small improvements" ~ jp posma
"Explain something to a real person using your explorable as an aid" ~ glen chiacchieri